Yes, Movepal can do multiple pick-up addresses and no, it's not as uncommon as you might think. But when you're booking a move on the Movepal app, the estimate only lets you put in one pick-up address and one delivery address. 

That's because your moving estimate won't change if you have more than one pick-up address: Movepal prices are by the minute with a one hour minimum, starting from the time they arrive at your first pick-up address and finishing when they've delivered the last item.  No matter how many pick up addresses.  

So how do you book it in?
That's easy: just put the first pick-up address in the pick-up field, the final delivery address in the delivery field and choose your arrival time and moving team. Then, when you're asked for additional notes, you include the details of your second pick-up address in the notes field, along with any other points you think the movers should be prepared for, ie. any particularly heavy or precision items. 

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